Video Game Review

Due Date: Thursday, February 16, 2017

Submission Instructions: Share assignment materials on Box [Lastname_review.docx]

Assignment Description:

For this assignment, you will write a full-length video game review (1,000-1,200 words). You can focus on any video game that inspires strong feelings for you. These feelings might be positive, negative, or complicated. If you can 't think of a game to review, feel free to consult my list of recommendations. (See below.)

Write this assignment as if you were a critic for a site like IGN or Metacritic, with one exception: you should cite any sources you use!

Component Due Date, Submission Method Grading Scheme Percent of Total Grade
Problem statement exercise Completed in class on February 2 Pass/fail (see policies ). 10
Reviews activity Completed in class on February 14 Pass/fail (see policies ) 10
Completed Draft Turned in via by 1 p.m. on February 16 Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 80

Your review should meet all the most important criteria of the video game review genre. The first priority is incisive, specific language of evaluation.

A sense of audience is also crucial to this assignment. Your review should aim to engage and inform its reader. Include enough background information to inform a prospective buyer. Too much information, however, could alienate a reader who has already bought the game. Tone and substance are both important.

Your review will be less analytical than your first assignment. It should be no less thoughtful andĀ evidence-based. The best reviews use specific examples to defend their claims. The nature of these claims is what separates a review from an academic paper.

Screen shots are also a staple of the video game review genre. You should have at least two screen shots that relate to specific points you are making in your review. For instructions on how to screenshot a Steam game, do a little Googling or try one of the links below.

Recommended Video Games*



Gone Home


Life is Strange

The Room

This is the Police


EVE online

*I've tried to select games of interest that people might already own. Several are quite affordable.


1,000 -1,200 words


MLA Format (in text and Works Cited entry at the end)

Format for video game entry in Works Cited:

Title of game. Version number. [Optional: contributors]. Company. Date of version. Video game.

Citing Figures