Capstone Portfolio and Reflection

Due Date: Friday, April 28, 2017

Submission Instructions: Share assignment materials on Box

Assignment Description:

This assignment asks you to think about your development as a writer this semester.

The approach includes both reflection and revision. To earn an A on this assignment you must complete the following components

- collect and organize small pieces of your written work

- revise excerpts in specific and meaningful ways

- discuss your early drafts and revisions by answering specific questions

Component Due Date, Submission Method Grading Scheme Percent of Total Grade
Collection of Examples from Past Work Turned in via Box Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 33
Collection of Trageted Revisions Turned in via Box Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 33
Discussion of Materials and Revisions Turned in via Box Regrade. Scored on 100-point scale (see rubric ) 34

Collect, Unedited from Any Major Assignment:

For each of these, title the selection with the name of the assignment and the topic, like this:

Introductory paragraph from videogame review:

Each selection should be unique. Do not chose the same or overlapping items for more than one category.

For Each Collected Item, Do a Revision from Below:

Introductory paragraph (with thesis statement)

Body paragraph that highlights a clear, central example

Paragraph that you wish you could have proofread more carefully

Sentence from the end of a paragraph and one sentence at the start of the next where a change in topic occurs.

Sentence that has exceptional stylistic qualities but quite doesn't fit the assignment.

Sentence that is too long, or unnecessarily wordy.

Conclusion paragraph

Reflection (3-5 paragraphs):

  1. Dedicate at least one paragraph to describing your development as a writer in this class.
  2. Dedicate at least one paragraph to how you might set goals to develop as a writer. What are some things you now know you can focus on? What strategies will you use to address these changes?
  3. Dedicate at least one paragraph to your selections and revisions for this assignment. What pieces did you select and why? In what ways do your revisions strengthen your writing? Are there cases where you would go back to the original? Or keep revising? If so, why? If not, why not?